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Wordpress website design made just for you and your business - taking care of every detail to enhance your business. As a USA-based team, we create beautiful and functional WordPress websites for a wide range of products and services.

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We're experts in Wordpress websites and know the ins-and-outs of how it can help your business. We'll break it down for you so you can reach your goals with the best website tools available.
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What is Wordpress Website Design?

WordPress is the most used CMS (content management system) platform in the world for creating dynamic websites.

Creating sites in WordPress means designing and developing a pretty, usable, and functional website that meets your goals. Unlike Joomla and other CMS platforms, WordPress is simpler, easier to learn, and has a bigger community. Through a simple admin web interface, you can change anything on your site by yourself - including all text and images. Wordpress is ideal for sites/portals that need constant updating or something easy to manage in the future. Furthermore, WordPress, compared to other platforms, is extremely flexible. Wordpress isn't just for blogs or simple websites, it can do ecommerce, corporate websites, memberships, forums, and anything else you can dream up.

WordPress is currently the world's leading CMS. It is estimated to be used on 30% of all sites currently online. This is not without reason; WordPress is regularly updated and secure and the community, a real strength, makes sure it stays that way. It also has a huge library of plugins that are very easy to install and can do anything you might need. If you want a site built using WordPress, we have a complete team at your service, from the designer to the back-end developer. We take care of developing features that are not provided by plugins. At The 215 Guys, we will create a modern and trendy WordPress website design for your business, one you can manage yourself. In managing your website, you can have a corporate page for your company, a portfolio with your latest work, and a blog.

Why You Need Wordpress Website Design

  • Fast and Easy
    WordPress is easy to learn, intuitive, and agile. From a simple editor, you can write, format, upload images, upload videos, or insert audio on your WordPress website.
  • Flexible and Powerful
    Developing your website with WordPress gives you access to a powerful and quality website at a great price. Instead of starting from scratch, Wordpress is easy to customize while being one of the best options for a website.
  • Prepared for SEO
    With WordPress, it can be very easy to optimize your site for search engines. With an ecosystem of plugins made for SEO and a large ecosystem of freelancers who are familiar with Wordpress, getting optimized can be a breeze.
  • Expandable and scalable websites
    WordPress, has a huge ecosystem of plugins and developers. If you need custom functionality, most likely it already exists somewhere and you just have to install it!

Wordpress Website Design Services

Wordpress Design

Our years of experience and vast number of successful projects in our portfolio, tell the whole story when it comes to our WordPress web design. We offer beautiful designs with fantastic plugins, themes, and high coding standards. We have trained personnel skilled in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which defines a WordPress website’s visual appearance, thus making it user-friendly.

Wordpress Maintenance

Websites, like a car, require regular maintence to keep it running as best as it can. Your website requires maintenance to avoid problems and to stay secure. Our maintencance services keep WordPress up to date, secure, and speedy. We also check to make sure the website doesn't go down, take backups, and repair issues.

Wordpress Development

Our technical knowledge serves as the foundation for any WordPress developer working on your website, and that is why we take these aspects seriously. With our coding nerds, we make sure your website does what it's supposed to do. Working alongside HTML and CSS, this language excels in front-end development and serves as the main component of web applications for adding dynamic interactive behavior to your website.

Wordpress Plugins

Don’t know what plugins to use? We can help you with that. Depending on the type of website you have, we offer WordPress plugins that can help you monitor how your website is performing, SEO optimize the website, or even scan for security issues.

WordPress Themes

There are tons of Wordpress themes available out there. We use a custom developed theme but can use anything you provide. We can also code you a custom theme, if needed. However, we prefer to use the one we made as we can assure it's up to our standards for security, speed, and features.


Our team of copywriters provides you with fantastic content that encourages your clients to make a purchase or stay glued as the case may be. Our service agency will offer you sales copy to drive more sales and help you with great SEO content that will project you to rank high on the Google SERP, thus increasing your online visibility.

Why choose us for Wordpress Website Design

At The 215 Guys, we specialize in creating professional WordPress websites. Our projects are focused and designed to obtain the best results and to help you reach your goals. We'll launch your project after it’s 100% tested, working on all major mobile devices, and everything is functional. And then, we'll train you on how to use the website. We're committed to being your partner - not just another vendor. We're always around to help and just an email away.

We are experts

Our years of experience in web design place us miles ahead of other Wordpress web design companies. With our unique style and ability to translate your needs to the web, we'll design something truly unique and fitting to your company. We'll work with you to make sure everything bit fits what you expected and is able to do what you need it to.

Top Rated

Among other things we have achieved over the years, we are rated among the very best website designers in the country. We're grateful to have been selected as a top company in the country and strive to improve whenever we can. Our goal is to provide the very website we can for a client and we're more than happy to be recognized for our work!

USA Based Team

You wouldn't be the first to think about exploring remote/foreign web design companies. But as most have come to realize, doing so can come with its own set of challenges. We are based in the USA, which removes many of the complications of working with a remote team. We're just a phone call or email away and can accomodate for your timezone and other needs.

Let's make something awesome for you!