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What is the usual timeline of your projects?
About 6 to 8 weeks, but depends on the size of the project.
After launch, will I be able to edit my new site on my own?
Yep, and we’ll train you too. Obviously, there are certain parts that you shouldn’t edit - like anything that would involve code - but anything that involves adding/editing new content is no problem!
What if I need help after my site is launched?
We provide two hours of post-launch website edits for free. This can include, but is not limited to, training, edits, and fixes. We are always just an email or call away for any support needs. If it’s something small, we’re happy to take care of it at no charge.

We also offer monthly & quarterly support packages. Cost depends on the size of your site and what services you might need.
Are your websites mobile friendly/responsive?
Yep, we build all of our websites to look great on mobile and tablet devices!
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