Our Wordpress Plugins

We've made a few, small plugins to make your Wordpress experience a little bit better. And some are actually useful. Most are stupid and were made just for fun.

snowscape with house on frozen lake

SnowFlurry Live – Sync with Current Snowfall

Animate real-time snowfall on your website using live weather data from weatherapi.com, with global coverage and easy setup.

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person pushing a giant file folder

Add Image File Sizes to Table List View

Adds a sortable column displaying image file sizes to your media library, helping you efficiently manage and organize your media by space usage.

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Word Jawn above philly skyline

Replace Words With "Jawn"

Replaces words on your website with the word "Jawn". It auto looks through your content and swaps em.

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Calendar with date circled

Scheduled Post Reminder Notifications

Sends customizable email or dashboard notifications to ensure you never miss a scheduled post.

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