OCF Realty

Another one of our local connections. Ori & Brooke hit us up for a website that reflected the stature of their growing business and appreciated our hands-on, straightforward approach to the types of content that would work well on their website.

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Fancy Animations

These animated .svgs were/are pretty popular pieces of code that provide attention to detail not seen on many websites.

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Fancier Search

The more technical part of this project was connecting their website to a 3rd party resource (MLS) for information.

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Why Choose Us?
We Kept It Real

Doing their due diligence, Ori & Brooke still spoke with a number of other firms before ultimately working with us. Keeping their budget in mind, we helped them navigate the technical waters that are involved in building a complex website.

And we’re cool, duh.

A website these days is a conversation. Sure, OCF is involved in a lot of very detailed ventures - but we used their website as an opportunity to first simply say “Hello”, while still providing direct access to all of that other helpful stuff.

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6,000 Listings Updated Daily
3 Listing Services
1 Awesome Office Dog