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When it comes to law, your clients trust that you will represent and guide them in the most professional way. At The 215 Guys, we want to provide the same level of care for our clients that you would provide for your clients. Our law firm websites are user friendly, pretty, and comes with the advantage of a long-lasting professional relationship.

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Clients trust you with their future; you shouldn’t depend on them to know how to find you

We get hired because our clients love that we give straight-forward advice and websites without the extra stuff you don't need. You need the best for your clients, and for the face of your business - your website - we're here to help.
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Web Design

We've gotten really good, over the last 6 years, at helping our clients reach their goals and tell the story of their services.


You know your profession and practice best. We take the time to learn everything we can and work towards the best solutions.


You probably found us on Google? That just shows we know what we're doing :) and we can help you rank too.


Like any tool a business has, a website is no different. We'll make sure you have the ability to change or edit anything!


Making changes takes time; don't want to deal with it? Let us handle it for you and take the hassle out of doing it yourself.


Like a car, a website is a machine that requires regular maintenance to run efficiently. We're happy to help keep yours humming.

Lawyer Website Design

If you're a lawyer practicing law solo, a website is an excellent way to help potential clients learn more about your law practice. As a solo lawyer, web design that promotes the type of law that you practice, information about cases that you have won, and information about your background will help people searching for a lawyer connect with you.

The bulk of people who are seeking legal representation and an attorney will use a search engine, like Google, to find a lawyer. So, your lawyer website is especially important because it allows all of the most vital information about your law practice to be easily accessible and centralized without a great deal of special effort on your part. Potential clients can learn valuable information about you and your law practice from your website prior to contacting you. A client who knows a bit about your practice is more likely to be well prepared for a consult.

A website is an excellent way to advertise and get out the word about your law practice without spending a small fortune on a billboard or TV ads. We'd make sure it's easy for potential clients to find your address, your contact information, and information about you as a solo attorney. A well designed website will help you expand your client base, and better serve existing clients. A website that features a fine balance of personal and professional information will help you establish lasting relationships with the people that you represent. You can offer links to valuable legal resources that will benefit your clients on your website. A professional website is one of the most important tools at your disposal when it comes to promoting yourself, your practice, and the many unique services that you offer.

Law Firm Website Design

When it comes to a professional web site, design and usability are extremely important. There are studies that demonstrate that clients stay 10 seconds longer on sites where the wording is clear, understandable and readable; and another 10 seconds extra for those that have a video on the front page.

Your law firm website needs to be professional if you want to convert traffic into clients. We specialize in beautiful, responsive, elegant web design that perfectly fits the needs of our clients and especially for law firms. From working with several lawyers and law firms, we know what you need and can make sure your law firm's good reputation is shown through your website.

Regardless of the size of your law firm, we can provide pointed feedback to help bring everyone to the table to make your beautiful new website. The world of tech can be daunting and we're here to help translate that into a website that works for everyone.

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