A storefront on Main Street just isn’t what it used to be. Not only was it important to have your business in the center of town, but it was basically a standing advertisement that drivers and pedestrians alike would see every single day. Unfortunately, Main Street doesn’t get the traffic it used to anymore. There is a place that sees that kind of traffic though - the internet.

Whether you’re a Plastic Surgeon, a Medical Spa, or a Roofer, it’s now just as important to have a presence on the digital landscape as it is to have a storefront in the middle of your town. The billboards of the past are now banner ads on the top of websites and search engine results. To make sure your roofing skills are being shown off to all potential customers, you need to set up your storefront with a digital address, and The 215 Guys are here to tell you why!

Your Own Personal, Virtual Showroom

Would you hire anyone to build anything for you if you hadn’t seen their work before? You’d be an idiot to hire someone without having seen their work. That’s why most home improvement businesses have their own showroom. There, they can show off the latest products and materials from suppliers, sample your work, and let future customers envision what their house is going to look like with a brand-new roof.

That’s also one of the reasons that you absolutely need a website. You’ve got a photo gallery just waiting to be filled! As soon as your website goes online, and you’ve done the right work, potential customers will now be seeing your business when they hit up their favorite search engine for some answers. Just like that showroom that’s now filling with dust, your virtual showroom is going to establish your authority as a roofer and let anyone, anywhere, imagine what their new roof is going to look like.

According to this study, 75% of online shoppers rely on photos when making online purchases. Don’t you want to show off the high-quality suppliers you use and the work you can do with those materials? Then give your digital visitors a place to see it. 

Your Territory, Your Customers

Like having a storefront in the middle of town, your website can speak directly to customers in your region and get the word out there about you and your work. The World Wide Web is literally worldwide, but that doesn’t mean you can’t identify your market and the area in which you work on your website. If you’re a Philadelphia native, like some people around here, you want to immediately let your online visitors know that through your content.

You want to say just how long you’ve worked in Philly; you want to specify the exact parts of the area you’re willing to work in. Not only does this keep you from having to turn customers away, but it also guarantees that YOUR website is one of the first that potential customers see when they search for roofers in their area.

Grow Your Contact List

Whether or not you make the sale, it’s always great to talk and greet a customer who walks in your front door. You can hand them a business card and make a personal connection with a simple introduction. Admittedly, it’s pretty hard to make a personal connection with someone using their wifi connection, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Today’s subscriber lists are just as important as a full rolodex.

Every time someone visits your website, you’re able to see some analytics that gives you insight into how they got to your site, how long they spent on it, and whether or not they clicked through to other product pages or offers. More importantly, though, you’re able to give that visitor a chance to join your subscriber list. When they do, you can email them unique offers, keep them up-to-date on advances in materials and processes, and you can follow up with someone who might have been interested but just wasn’t ready to bite yet. Not to mention, you’ll be able to remind previous customers when it’s time to buy their new roof, helping to turn first-time customers into repeat.

Certifications, Permits, and Licenses

Showing that you’re legally able to complete roofing work is probably just as important as including a photo gallery that proves you can do it well. While there are still a few unlicensed handymen running around the world, they’re not going to be getting the same kind of traffic as those who are certified and licensed.

Displaying whatever licensing, permitting, and certifications you have on your website not only establishes your authority and expertise, it also checks the necessary boxes that your customers are looking for when hiring a roofer. Put minds at ease and let your customers know their work is being done by the right hands.

Sales Offers and Quick Quotes

For years, workers would have to travel to a potential customer’s home to give an accurate estimate of the cost of work. While that might still be the best way to assess their roofing situation, you can now make quotes as easy as a few points and a couple of clicks on your website. Customers can send in their own photos, cutting down on your wasted time by letting you deliver quotes from the comfort of your cozy office chair. Oh, let’s also not forget about sales offers!

If you’ve got too much of a certain product lying around, or if there are a few months out of the year where you know your business will see a lull, then reach out to that subscriber list you now have with special offers and sales that they just can’t resist. Now that you’ve found your market, you can advertise directly to them, so make it worthwhile. These are just a few reasons that we at The 215 Guys think your own website is worthwhile, and we’d be happy to share a few more with you.

Paid Advertising in the Competitive Roofing Industry

In the wild world of roofing, you've gotta make your biz stand out, and let me tell you, paid ads are a real game-changer. Think Google Ads or hitting up social media – these bad boys let you zero in on the folks in your area who are actually looking for what you offer. It's not just about getting eyes on your ads; it's about where you send those eyes next – your website.

Your website needs to make a killer first impression. And those landing pages, the ones where people land after clicking your ads? They've gotta be top-notch – clear, convincing stuff that grabs people and guides them to hit that 'contact us' button. It's all about making sure your website and your ads are in perfect sync, so you don't just get traffic – you get customers. When you nail this combo, you’re not just another roofer in the crowd; you're the one snagging all the good leads.

Buyer Decisions with Educational Roofing Content

Chucking in some cool educational stuff on there can really make a difference for your customers. Imagine having a bunch of easy-to-read articles, super helpful guides, and videos that break down everything about roofing materials, how to keep your roof in tip-top shape, and all the ins and outs of roofing. This isn't just about throwing info at your customers; it's about showing them that you really know your stuff. When folks hit up your site and find all these gems, they'll be like, "Hey, these guys really get it." 

When you fill your site with this kind of engaging content, people stick around longer. That's a big thumbs up for your site’s SEO. Plus, when customers get the lowdown from your site, they're more confident about what they need and less likely to go shopping around for other opinions. This means you get to the good part faster – sealing the deal. By answering those burning questions your customers have right off the bat, you're not just drawing in new faces; you're also laying the groundwork for a trusty relationship. After all, when folks know they can count on you for the real scoop, they're way more likely to come back.

SEO: Getting Your Roofing Biz Seen Online

Think of SEO like your online homing beacon – it's what gets you noticed in the vast ocean of the internet. When your site is all geared up with the right SEO moves, it’s like putting up a big, flashy sign on the busiest street of the web. People type in stuff like “roof repair near me,” and bam, there you are, right at the top of Google’s list. It’s all about being seen without shelling out big bucks for ads.

And here's the kicker: nailing SEO isn’t just throwing a bunch of roofing jargon on a webpage. It’s about knowing what your potential clients are typing into their search bars and making sure your website answers those exact questions. It’s a bit like matchmaking – your roofing services meet their googling needs. If you nail this, you’re not just getting clicks; you’re building trust. If Google thinks you’re the top dog, customers will too. Want to dive deeper into roofing keywords that could really boost your site? Check out our tips at 12 Roofing Keywords You Could Actually Rank For.