Medicine, like technology, is constantly evolving. Each year brings new advancements that eclipse the practices of times past and introduce new ways to heal and treat. One such innovation is the rise of the Medical Spa, which provides non-surgical medicinal practices and treatments under a licensed physician. There, patients and customers can get physical and emotional therapies, various aesthetic procedures, tattoo removal, and other more niche medical services that you won’t find at your local Urgent Care. It’s a treatment center that speaks to a certain kind of patient, so aren’t they getting the word out there with their own websites?!

The National Institute of Medicine says that only 27% of doctors have their own personal website. Just like Plastic Surgeons and other businesses, it’s never been more important to enter the digital age and get a website! The 215 Guys have spent years sharing our web design expertise with businesses and entrepreneurs that need it, which is why we’ve got a lot to share. So believe me when I tell you that these are just a few of the reasons for a Medical Spa to finally go online and join the World Wide Web!

Showcase Your Services - Make It Snappy and Clear!

When it comes to your Medical Spa website, it's all about showing off what you’ve got in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand. Think about it: when potential clients visit your site, they want to quickly see what services you offer, get an idea of the prices, and check out what everything looks like. So, it’s super important to list all your services, complete with eye-catching photos, clear prices, and descriptions that get straight to the point.

First up, let’s talk visuals. You know how a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, that’s exactly what you need - high-quality photos of your treatments and facilities. These aren’t just pretty pictures; they give visitors a real feel for the experience at your spa.

Now, onto the descriptions. Keep them clear and concise. People should be able to read about each service and know right away what it’s all about, how it helps, and what they can expect. No jargon, no fluff – just the good stuff.

Price transparency is key. Nobody likes to hunt down the cost of services, so make sure your prices are easy to find and understand. This builds trust and helps clients make decisions without any guesswork.

Remember, the goal is to create a website that’s not just informative but also inviting and easy to navigate. When you lay everything out clearly, it makes potential clients feel more confident about choosing your spa. Plus, a well-organized website with great content is like a magnet for search engines, helping more people find you when they’re looking for spa services online.

Introduce Your Staff and your Mission Statement

Mission statements are one of the most important cornerstones of any business. It lets your online visitors know what your priority is and that’s a key to converting them into a customer, especially when it comes to medical care of any kind. Potential customers and patients will want to know that you make their health as much of a priority as they do. They want to know what the care and services you offer mean to you - because it’s certainly going to mean a lot to them!

Just like a mission statement is an introduction to you and your company, so is an introduction to your staff. A valuable team of employees is its own value proposition, helping you to establish your company by literally introducing the people within it. Even a simple photo gallery can work wonders on customers, but you can also take it one step further!

Ease Your Future Customer’s Minds With a Virtual Tour

According to the National Library of Medicine, roughly 33% of all people avoid medical care of any kind, even if they believe they need it. Even if a Medical Spa, or med spa for short, is perceived as less serious because it doesn’t involve surgical procedures, it’s still likely to cause anxiety in many of your patients and customers. That’s why a virtual tour, conducted with anything from a smartphone to a 3D camera, is an effective way of easing your customer’s tensions.

The National Library of Medicine released another study that stated 360° virtual tours often eased the minds of patients suffering from anxiety due to the COVID-19 virus. Offering a glimpse into your environment helps to make it a peaceful one for those who need it.

Display Your Qualifications…And Certifications!

Certifications are an important part of any business. You spent days, months, maybe even years earning the kinds of credentials that distinguish you from the competition - so show them off! Many companies, from advertisers to dog food manufacturers, will fill their homepage with various awards. You better believe potential patients are going to want to see whatever certifications you have. How else are they going to know just how credible your Medical Spa and its staff are?

Creating a virtual shelf to show off your accolades and qualifications is another way to ease anxious minds by establishing authority, authenticity, and expertise.

SEO - Use Your Specialties To Your Advantage

Medical Spas offer a wide range of aesthetic and other treatments, but it’s likely that there’s a specialty that offers your business a competitive advantage you didn’t know you had. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it’s a way of making sure that the right patients and customers find your website. By offering keyword research and rankings, traffic information, and more analytics you’ll be able to increase the amount of attention your website gets when people search for the work you offer in a search engine.

To put it in layman’s terms for all of you doctors out there: if you offer a “cold plunge” treatment, you’re going to want to mention cold plunge, and related keywords, quite a few times on your website. Not only will that drive organic traffic to your pages but it will eventually lead to new customers.

Explain Changes in Modern Medicine and Technologies

Almost every field changes daily. Even SEO gets new upgrades and changes every year, and medicine is no different. In fact, innovative medical devices and procedures are introduced so frequently that it’s important for anyone in the field to stay on top of the information. So, too, must you change your website. While they’re not the studious readers that their physicians must be, patients will likely spend hours upon hours researching everything from advancements in cosmetic procedures to the advancements of the tools and implements used in those processes.

Taking the time to explain what’s new isn’t just a way to inform your customers about it, it’s a way to demonstrate that you’re at the top of your field by staying on top of everything new.

Testimonials and Reviews from Previous Customers and Patients

Reviews and testimonials are so important they’re quickly becoming they’re own kind of advertising. UGC and CGC content, otherwise known as “user-generated content” and “consumer-generated content,” can easily be attributed to the rise of social media. Now, almost anyone and everyone has created a video or short review of a business or service that they’ve used. This has become such a common practice that some of the most popular websites on the internet are just review score aggregates, letting consumers know what the market thinks about everything from movies to online web services.

Even a med spa needs to show off what customers think of you. There are numerous ways to integrate reviews and testimonials onto your website, so you have no excuses for letting those good reviews and word-of-mouth go to waste. Future and potential customers will want to know what your previous customers thought of you, so why not make it easier to find?

To Offer Contact Info and FAQs

“Do you take my insurance?” “How do I make an appointment?” “Are you guys open on Labor Day?”

Most businesses spent the 20th century answering the phone and patiently giving their customers the answers to these inane and annoying questions. There’s a reason why the term “customer service” was invented. With the benefits of modern technology though, you can answer the customer’s questions for them!

Everything from AI-generated chat boxes to simple FAQ pages will keep your customers informed and keep them from bothering you or your staff with simple questions. In this day and age, you can even create unique appointment calendars that allow patients to do most of the work and make it easier to categorize them based on their needs and wants.

It’s time to for your Medical Spa or practice to stop spending time in the Yellow Pages and it’s time to move onto the web - and we can help!