After selling websites for over a decade, you’d be surprised at how many business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve met who don’t think they need an updated website or even any website at all. There are plenty of reasons why having a current, modern, and user-friendly website is essential for success in the digital age in which we live.

So why do people still think that a website isn’t necessary?

The web and Google have become a big part of everyday life, so it’s important that your business has a great web presence. It’s not that rare that businesses will tell me, mistakenly, that they can continue using their existing website rather than invest in a new one (or edit their current one). This misconception is commonplace today – but it’s potentially detrimental and ignores several key benefits associated with building or upgrading an online presence.

Why people don’t think they need a new website

They don’t have the money.

When it comes to affording something, there are sometimes hard realities that need to be accepted. If your budget does not permit a purchase then that is ok; no money means no money, regardless of how much you may want the item or feel compelled to buy it. While this fact can be discouraging and may lead to feelings of regret, understand that there are other solutions and options out there that could help you achieve the same result without spending more than you can afford. After all, everyone deserves the right to enjoy life within their means.

They don’t think they need it.

Many people may look at websites and think they don’t need one, but nothing could be further from the truth. Having a website is essential to your presence on the internet and allows you to take charge of how your brand is represented online. Even if you already have an existing website, it’s important to evaluate its effectiveness - if it has issues or isn’t optimized, a new website could fix that. Don’t let that outdated website hold you back - invest in one that will help take your business to the next level!

They already get enough business.

Having a great website is an essential part of being a successful business today. It is still important even if the company already enjoys plenty of success and has the option of declining to work with certain people. A website that effectively communicates your brand’s story will entice customers and provide them with the information they need to make decisions on their own terms. Being able to navigate around the site easily will also help provide customers with confidence in whatever product or service you are offering. A well-crafted website should be one of the cornerstones of any thriving business, no matter how much business it gets or who it chooses to work with.

They don’t have time for a new website.

If you’re short on time and resources for your business website project, it may be time to consider hiring a professional web designer (like us!). There are many advantages to hiring a company and that includes saving you time. A professional web designer can also bring valuable experience to the creation of your website, helping improve the overall user experience so customers get the best out of their digital visit. Hiring an experienced web developer is an investment and will save you valuable time spent on getting your site up and running without compromising quality.

They think what they have works just fine.

While it’s understandable that many companies feel satisfied with their existing website and are reluctant to make changes, this may not always be the best approach. Our society is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and digital solutions, so even if a website appears to work ‘just fine’, it still might need an update in order to keep up with consumer expectations. By doing so, businesses can stand out from the competition and potentially attract new customers. Furthermore, investing in the correct team could increase leads and conversions, leading to higher profits. Therefore, having a modernized website should always be considered when planning for growth and success.

They think their business is too new.

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs believe that having a website for their fledgling venture is a waste of time, as their business is too new to get customers from the web. We believe that almost every business should have an online presence and a website is the first part of that. Websites allow users to gather information about your company and services easily, helping them make informed decisions when interacting with your business. Having an attractive and easy-to-use website can be as vital to engaging with potential customers as an offline marketing strategy. With a website, even small or new businesses have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the world and set forth a good first impression.

They think their business is too small.

Many small business owners, whether just starting out or not, don’t think they need a website because their businesses are on the smaller side, but having a website is an important element for any business, no matter how big or small. With a website, customers can learn more about your services, make inquiries, and even book appointments, making it easier to grow your business. Having an online presence will help your business stand out in the crowd by showing customers that you are up-to-date with technology solutions and that you are serious about providing them with quality services. Having a website allows customers to easily connect with and engage with your products or services. Therefore, if you have a small business, investing in a new website could be the best option for helping your business reach its full potential.

They think social media is enough.

For many people, social media is an ideal platform on which to build a presence and reach potential customers. However, businesses must remember that these sites are not wholly within their control. Platforms can change the way they work at any moment, leaving companies vulnerable to disruption. A dedicated website is essential; it’s the only place where you maintain full control over what is seen and said about you.