Physical Therapist Keywords Strategy & Page Structure [Best For 2022]

Are you a physical therapist trying to do a little digital marketing? Looking into physical therapist keywords you could use on your website? Then you're in luck! I'm going to go over some keywords and the best way to use them. The most important part here is that they are used correctly. Google likes a certain type of setup for pages and you could easily do this for your website.

In working with many physical therapy practices, we've learned that if you're looking for physical therapist SEO there is a method that will work best for your website (and most industries' websites).

While the keyword list will be helpful, the way you set up your pages for your site is equally important. 

So, if you have no idea where to start with building out your website, this can be a guide for what pages you should have, how they should be laid out, and what physical therapy keywords they should target.

How to use these physical therapist keywords

Like most keywords for a service-based business, you'll want to plug and chug your relevant words into the list below. It's basically an algorithm where you'll swap out words for your specific offerings and geographic location.

so, physical therapist + city would become physical therapist Philadelphia.

And depending on the topic of the keyword, you'll want a page dedicated just to that keyword.

What page structure should be used for these keywords

So, I mentioned that these keywords should be used to inform the pages on your website. We suggest using a "silo" structure on your website for each service and/or locations for your business.

A content silo has a main page with other pages of sub-content attached to it. An example is a services page that lists your services and each item in the list links to a specific page for that service.

For example:

  • Services
    • Ankle physical therapy
    • After surgery physical therapy
    • Etc
  • Locations (only if you have more than 1 location)
    • Physical therapist Philadelphia
    • Physical therapist Austin
    • Etc

Each item in that list is a page. And yes, you have to write a bunch of words for each page. We suggest at least 400 unique words for each page.

The goal here is to capture any search a person might type into Google. Some people search for physical therapy but others look for specific things - and we want to also get those specific searches.

Keep in mind, any subpage should not target the general keyword of "physical therapy" or physical therapist". Those should be targeted for your homepage.

Physical Therapist Keywords

Like I said above, most of these are algorithmic so you'll need to plug in your own words to make this work.

It's also super important to setup your pages as I discussed. That method makes it easy for Google to understand your website and pages. It also helps you target keywords that are more specific to capture more people when they search.

Try not to duplicate areas and you don't have to list every single body part!

In each example, there are slashes to indicate synonyms. You should make sure you use each synonym once on the page in the text.

Ok, on to the keywords!

  • Services
    • Type/Body Area + physical therapy/physical therapy/rehabilitation
  • Locations if you have more than 1 or your homepage if just 1 location
    • Physical therapist/Physical therapy + location
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