Three Major Releases Starting on March 26th

The best news is that there will be 3 major updates to the WordPress CMS: 6.5, 6.6, and 6.7. The beta for the first 6.5 release will begin February 13th while the final release will be on March 26th. The team at WordPress uses these updates to implement new improvements, features, and tools throughout the year.

The first and third updates are expected to expand and focus on Collaborative features (like real-time editing and feedback functionality which are set for Phase 3) while the second update is for polishing and software tweaks as well as general maintenance. WordPress’s core development team is communicative and responsive, and it shows in how frequently they update both the system and its users. They offer numerous tutorials for just about every aspect of their system, and you can always submit a ticket if you find a bug or issue.

Voice Search Optimization

Nearly 50% of all smartphone users say they use some form of voice search function on a daily basis. Voice search is an easy way to generate the results you’re looking for without the effort of having to type it in. Well, that’s if you consider typing into a phone an effort.

WordPress has already created numerous plugins that help with this and all signs point to them creating even more in the coming year. They can help create navigational tools that allow for pages to be open with spoken queries and they’ve even created easier ways to implement content that focuses on the user, their questions, and any other reasons they might have to navigate to your page. Their goal is to create Voice Search functionality for all 4 categories of user intent: transactional, navigational, informational, and commercial.

They continue to provide tips on how users can take advantage of these tools, even as they add to them! Stop focusing on the aesthetics alone and start optimizing your site for the laziest of users.

Advancement in Data Liberation

Sometimes, the folks over at WordPress take their new tools very seriously. This year is already going to be a big one for the CMS platform, but it just got bigger. They announced a new feature they’re looking to implement called Data Liberation. They made their proposal just days ago, vowing to create a way in which website data can be transferred more easily without all of the hoops and hurdles. The good news is that you can also get in on the fun!

The function will make it easier for anyone to move a previous website’s data onto WordPress and to, if necessary, move website data more easily off the system. If like me, you’ve helped many users or clients to create or move their websites to the platform, get in touch with WordPress at that link! You might just help create their latest feature.

New Site Editor Tools

WordPress ended the previous year with a bang, showing off all of the latest and greatest site editor tools ready for users in 2024. They’ve already created a wide gallery of site editing tools, and they look to enhance each one in the coming year. You can use Distraction Free Mode to shift your website to a bare and pared-down experience that is purely meant for creating. Then use Patterns to help you create complicated layouts and designs that give a consistent look to your entire website. 

Some tools just make your life easier, like List View. With it, you can more easily navigate through the different content layers of your website. It makes lists simpler to preview and navigate. On their roadmap to this year’s updates, they hint at even more advancements like Font Library, making it easier for you to install and remove fonts throughout your entire site.

Stylization, quality-of-life, functionality - in 2024, WordPress has site editor tools that can improve just about anything.

Better Blockchain Security

Blockchain security has never been more important, and WordPress is on the case. They have quite a few plans for security updates in 2024, including two-factor authentication and stronger password recommendations, but that’s not all. Monitoring capabilities are also getting an upgrade this year, getting more security breach detection features into the hands of website owners who sorely need them.

Integrating blockchain technology is already a major leap for WordPress, but their proactive approach to security measures is a great approach to mitigate risk for you and your users. There are more security threats than ever these days, so make sure you’re using every layer of protection that WordPress offers.

Multilingual Translation Plugins

You’ve already seen it taking over Google search results, and now you can soon expect to find the same feature on millions of the world’s websites. Instant translation was unfathomable just a few years ago. Now, anyone can go to another country with Google Translate in the palm of their hands. With some new AI functionality, WordPress is looking to bring that same convenience to web design.

Their multilingual mission is set to introduce translation plugins that can not only translate your website, they can even offer insight into local SEO!

If you’re wondering how to optimize your website to appear on Japanese or French search results, this is your year. With the power of AI, these plugins can adjust the text to improve its local SEO with appropriate keywords and phrases. With a few clicks, your website is going to be more accessible to foreign markets, and customers, than ever.

Further AI Integration

You didn’t think they’d stop there, did you? AI is taking over. You’ve probably spent a significant amount of time reading AI-generated content without even knowing it! You might be surprised to know that there is an actual person at the other end of The 215 Guys, but that’s not always going to be the case going into 2024. Many businesses, content mills, and web developers have already been using AI programs like ChatGPT to generate entire blog posts or articles.

Now, WordPress is going to take out the middleman.

Anyone who’s read an unedited AI post knows that there’s still a way to go, but they’re getting better and better. In the coming year, WordPress is going to integrate a content enhancement system into its already robust list of tools. With it, you’ll be able to get suggestions or even entire content pieces that are designed to help you get traffic coming to your site and keep it there.