There’s a new WordPress update! That might not be exciting news to you, but it’s a big deal to us. Not only have we used WordPress to create hundreds of websites for our clients, it’s also used by hundreds of millions of users for their websites. With over 60% of the users in the CMS market using their system, WP keeps a significant part of the internet running. So while that new update might not seem exciting at first, it turns out that WordPress 6.5 affects hundreds of millions of users, and that’s pretty big news.

The biggest CMS platform on the planet actually sees fairly regular updates, usually with quarterly releases. On April 2nd, 2024 the world was introduced to the latest WordPress build - 6.5, also nicknamed “Regina.” Named after famed violinist Regina Carter, WordPress 6.5 was introduced with a whole slew of new features and capabilities. User websites not only have a few more functions, but they also have new design features to choose from. Now that we’ve got you hooked, it’s time to dig into these details to see what WordPress released to its many masses!

Let’s talk about WordPress 6.5 and what it means for your websites.

WordPress 6.5 - What’s New

A new build for any platform typically starts with bug fixes and tweaks. Most of those fixes were actually rolled out with the latest release, WordPress 6.5.2, so we’ll get into that later. For now, here’s a short breakdown of the new changes.


Manage plugins more easily with new exploration tools. New updates to the interactivity API allow for more front-end experiences with fewer dependencies on external plugins or tools. With over 100+ performance updates, users will experience a faster overall speed and basic improvements to the Post Editor and Site Editor.

Designs & Aesthetics

Aesthetic and style choices saw some of the most robust improvements in this update. We’ll explain them more in detail, but users have dozens of new font, style, and background choices to further customize their pages. Shadows can add extreme depth while new changes to the WordPress Style Book allows for all new revisions and choices that reflect user personalities.


Accessibility has never been more integral to web design. This new update saw over 60 new improvements added to the WP platform, including color contrast fixes and new element positioning. From more menus and admin choices for Screen Reader settings to new controls for alternative navigation tools other than keyboards, web pages can now be viewed and used by more people than ever.

More controls, more customization, more accessibility, and more appearance tools. Any designer who felt their website was getting stale has an entirely new toolbox to enjoy.

Still, what exactly do those new appearance tools allow users to do? Let’s talk about those new features.

New Features and Adds

The Font Library

This is the most exciting addition to WordPress in 6.5. WordPress has made it infinitely easier to customize different text blocks throughout your site. With the Font Library, users can easily add any Google Font to alter any of those block themes. Creators and developers now have all the typography tools they could ever want to put their personality on the page.

Enhanced Backgrounds & Shadows

As you’ve likely noticed, website backgrounds are getting more advanced. Long gone are the days of basic still photography, background elements can now be adjusted, repeated, resized, and more thanks to additional tools and settings. For shadows, users can now implement them throughout the blocks on their pages, adding a unique sense of depth and, undeniably, a pretty cool style choice.

Image Enhancements

AI has certainly contributed to this next update. Users can now set specific aspect ratios to images used in certain blocks - but that’s not all! They can now overlay those blocks with colors sourced from the inserted image, which is as nifty as it gets, especially for design nerds like us.

WordPress Maintenance & Security in WP 6.5.2

About a week after WordPress released 6.5, they announced WordPress 6.5.2. Typically, these releases address issues that arose from the previous update, but this release has its fair share of bug fixes.

Most of the fixes went to the Block Editor, considered WP’s most basic and accessible tool for building anything from pages and templates to the entire website. Those basic fixes range from issues with the new Font Library to some basic lightbox issues.

The security fix is a lone one, wherein cross-site scripting created a vulnerability for Avatar block types. Now, it’s a thing of the past. You might think a user brought this to WP’s attention, but nope, it was a member of the WordPress security team.

If anyone ever doubts just how worthwhile WP is, remember that their security team is more likely to find and fix bugs than you are to experience them.

When’s the NEXT Update?

Wait, you’re already asking about the next update? Well, good things come to those who wait, and you won’t have to wait very long!

To the designers and teams, WP 6.5 is already a thing of the past as they are hard at work on WordPress 6.6, which is slated to be released on July 16, 2024. While we don’t know exactly what that update will look like, users can likely expect even more advanced design choices, aesthetic-based tools, and more AI integration.

The future of WordPress is unknown but users can always expect a new update to be right around the corner.