As a law firm, attorney, lawyer, or other general legal-related entity, you'll need a website just like any other industry and professional would. The same disciplines that would be used in other industries apply here, including design, development, photography, copywriting, and SEO/digital marketing.

There are many things that go into a website and, as a law firm, you'll want to take advantage of as many as possible. Here, at The 215 Guys, we can help you with almost all aspects of your digital marketing and our specialty is law firm websites.

We've made websites for firms all over the city of Philadelphia and obviously could for you too.

Source Cost
Agency (Like us) $5,000 to $10,000
DIY Website Builder $20-30/mo + your time
Freelancer $1,000-$3,000

A law firm website from us costs:

Depending on the scope and complexity, it would average around $5,000 to $10,000 for an agency like ours to make your law firm's website. That would include all design, development, the Wordpress CMS, basic technical SEO, and training.

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DIY website builders

Depending on your preferred provider (Wix, SquareSpace, Webflow, etc) you'll pay their monthly fees which are generally $20-30/mo. That cost may seem small but don't forget to include the time you'll need to sink into figuring everything out. I'd estimate it'd take you anywhere from 15-40 hours to build a website using their systems if you're new to this kind of thing.


There are reasons to work with a freelancer over an agency, and one of them is cost. You can still get a great website from a freelancer even if you pay much less. Of course, price can vary greatly, so I'd say you're looking at $1,000-$3,000 using a freelancer for your law firm website.

Other services and costs

  • Photography - You'll need headshots, office photos, and miscellaneous shots to fill space on the website. You're looking at about $100-250/hour.
  • Copywriting - We are copywriters and do include some of this into our website cost but there will be instances that we simply can't write because we are not lawyers. A good copywriter can be $50-150/hour. But you can obviously get someone super cheap if you go outside of the country.
  • Domain - a domain (your .com), will cost around $10/year.
  • Hosting - if you go with a custom website and not a DIY website builder service, you'll need a place for your website files to live. Our favorite companies are under $10/mo.
  • SSL - Hopefully you have a quality host or use a DIY website builder because these should be free. The crappier hosting companies charge for this, usually around $50/year.
  • SEO - We only include basic technical SEO in our websites. If you want to rank for specific law-related terms in your area or nationally, you'll need a targeted SEO strategy. Our plans start at $1,000/mo but any law firm would most likely need something around the $2,000-4,000/mo range. Please, don't go with anyone under $1,000/mo, they're most likely a scam.