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Dentist & Orthodontist Website Design

Everyone’s online, including your future patients.

As a web design company, we specialize in creating websites that not only establish your online presence, they can establish your reputation. For dentists and orthodontists, patients already have a difficult time getting themselves into the chair, so it’s great when your website does some of the convincing for you.

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Your website is more than just a digital business card. It can be an extension of your business and your practice when you use the right tools or team to put it together.

Since 2015, The 215 Guys have created hundreds of websites for our clients. They’ve ranged from simple pages for restaurants and breweries to detailed websites for fertility clinics and, yes, dentists and orthodontists. We’ve done more than create their websites, we’ve helped them attain new levels of success.

The kind of success that comes with reaching patients before they even walk in the door.

Dental Industry Web Design Strategies

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We’ve spent nearly a decade creating and honing the kinds of strategies that draw in organic traffic and help convert them into customers. We’re not only results-driven, we’re client-driven. In the same way that you put intensive levels of care into the ways you treat your patients, we put similar levels of care into all the websites we make. We’ve written a piece on how doctors can expand their online presence with Google profiles, but their online presence should start with a well-designed website.

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Whether your patients are looking for dentures, veneers, or a simple cleaning you want them to know your practice is the right one for the job. Roughly 35% of all people in the United States are afraid of going to the dentist. There aren’t a lot of industries where about ⅓ of potential customers don’t want to walk in the door, so your site has some work to do.

Here are just a few of the strategies we’ll use to ensure your online presence reflects your practice. They’re all factors that are integral to a website’s success, and they’re effective and proven.

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Establish Authority and Accreditation

Patients want to know their dentists. You spent years acquiring those accolades and degrees, and so did the other members of your practice. We’ll craft a page that introduces you, and your qualifications, to potential patients to help convince them they can trust your care.

Create Your Brand Identity

Your practice, your care, your brand. A website can establish your dental or orthodontic practice, but it can also establish your brand. For some industries, that could be logos and messaging, but for you, it can be establishing the quality and consistency of your care. Our site can demonstrate your personality and your bedside manner.

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Past Patient Success Stories

You spent hours giving your patients new smiles, so we’ll create a photo gallery that helps to show them off. Success stories, personal testimonials, and other forms of social proof can help address any concerns patients have when they hit your site. After the perfect Before/After picture, they’ll see your expertise.

Increased Visibility and Presence

Have you noticed the billboards on the side of the freeway lately? Yeah, no one else has either. Over 75% of patients search online for their healthcare options, and the website we create is going to make sure they find you. But a website isn’t the only way a patient can find you. We’ll sync different accounts and profiles so that your messaging, branding, and care are consistent across the board.

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Answer Questions, Address Fears

We already talked about how many patients are afraid before they even walk in the door. Almost every potential patient will have questions, and they just won’t just be about you. They’ll be about dental care, follow-ups, advice, and about making appointments. We’ll give your assistants a break by creating content, landing pages, and FAQs that do that work for them. They’ll not only establish your knowledge and expertise, they can save time and money as patients answer their own questions.

Our Experience in the Dental World

You won’t be our first client in the dental or orthodontic community and we absolutely hope you won’t be the last one, either. We’ve used our experience and creativity to bring old companies into the 21st century as well as to increase the outreach for dentists just joining the workforce.

For over 100 years this practice has been in business, but that age was also reflected in their content and imagery. We created a new and fresh page that not only modernized this website’s security and accessibility, but we also added a little more of a Philadelphia identity and visual style to appeal to the right market.

Dr. Todd Fleischman

The Devon practice technically had a website before we got there, but it wasn’t much of one. We created a more easily navigated and accessed site that offered a more organized experience, and interface, to its users. We also added engaging call-to-actions that led to more patients and customers.

Devon Orthodontics

Web Design Services for Dentists & Orthodontists

We won’t claim that a website is as important as a smile or dental surgery, but we put as much work and care into your online image as you do into your patients.

We know how integral a website is to every industry, but for dentists and orthodontists, it helps you find a patient and it helps that patient get the care they need from the best possible caregiver. The 215 Guys have spent almost a decade putting that much effort into our client’s websites, online presence, and even e-commerce stores.

To get there, we’ll talk with you, discuss the goals you have for your website and your practice, and we’ll strategize to make sure you and your website work in tandem to benefit your practice, care, staff, and patients. That also means using our wealth of knowledge, and expertise, to make pages that don’t just attract traffic but convert that traffic into your next patient.

We’ve been delivering those websites to our clients for years, and these are some of the structural pillars and principles The 215 Guys maintains to ensure those sites turn into success stories.

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Quality Content

We’ll craft blogs, pages, and content your patients will actually want to read.

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Enhanced Accessibility Features

We’ll make sure your website is as accessible as possible for all users, including those who are differently-abled

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Optimization for Mobile and All Browsers

Every user will get your website’s full experience, no matter how they visit it.

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Robust Security Features

Private patient data, and your data, will be safely protected behind HIPAA-focused security features.

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Fast Page and Loading Speeds

We’ll make a fast and responsive website that won’t have users tapping their feet.

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Targeted SEO Messaging

We’ll craft your pages so that users who search for you, or similar content, will find the dentists and data they’re looking for.

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Your website is more than just a digital business card. It can be an extension of your business and your practice when you use the right tools or team to put it together.

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