Your business, online.

How would you describe your business to a new friend? What about a potential customer?

Every business owner has perfected (or does their best at) the in-person pitch. They control the story and can immediately feel out the aspects about their business that have an impact on their audience. They quickly learn what descriptions and analogies work well, and also the ones that convert sales.

Business thrives on this conversation, and more often that not, it starts online.

While they know the conversation that they’d ideally like to have, many are unbeknownst to universe of options to choose from when communicating that value online.

Some may ask themselves;

What content should I use? How do I know what messaging is working? How can I learn the art of this conversation?

Entire books have been written on this subject, and what they all break down to is one thing; translation.

A Trusted Translator is needed to understand their language, and communicate for them online. (this is not a trusted translator) Like any good translator, they also tutor you in the language – and with practice, help you become fluent.

I hope to continue this analogy in future posts, as I get specific into lessons of using technology to communicate your business well.


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