Why Local SEO is the Real MVP

Did you know a whopping 90% (or so) of folks use online search to find local businesses? And nearly 70% of them check out reviews before making a decision. So, what does this mean for you? Well, if your business isn't showing up in those searches or if your reviews aren't managed well, you're missing out on a massive chunk of potential customers. Enter Local SEO - it's the champ that ensures you're not only visible when locals are searching but also looking top-notch with those shiny reviews. Basically, it's your ticket to the online local big league.

So, What's in this Local SEO Package Thing?

Imagine you're assembling your superhero team for your business's digital world. That's your Local SEO package. It's not just one thing; it's a combination of strategies and tools, all bundled together, working in harmony. Their mission? To boost your local visibility and get you noticed by the right crowd.

What Should You Expect in the Box?

Now, before we dive deep, let's get our expectations straight. A Local SEO package isn't just a random mix of services. It should be a curated set, each piece addressing a specific need of your local online presence. Think of it as your business's digital checklist, ensuring every aspect of your online game is on point.

Breaking Down the Goodies Inside

Before we unravel the list of services, let's get a quick teaser. A Local SEO package isn't just about making sure you appear in Google searches. It's also about reviews, local content, links, and so much more. It's about creating a cohesive online narrative that resonates with your local audience.

Why One-Size-Fits-All is a Myth

Here's a heads-up: what works wonders for a bakery in Brooklyn might not be the ticket for a surf shop in Malibu. Every place has its quirks, challenges, and opportunities. Your Local SEO package should be tailored to fit you like a glove, addressing the unique nuances of your market.

Picking the Right Partner in Crime

Last but not least, remember that not all Local SEO packages are made equal. You want to team up with someone who gets your vibe, understands your business, and can craft a strategy just for you. And just so you know, we offer local SEO services - maybe we're the right for you.

Local SEO Package Services

Google Business Profile (GBP) - Formerly, Google My Business

Our GBP in the SERPs

  • What it is: GBP is Google's version of Yelp, but way better. It's a neat little profile that pops up when folks Google your name or services you offer in the local area.
  • Why it's important: As a Google product, Google obviously values it and places a lot of importance on it. When doing a search for a business, their profile will show in the results on the right and has the potential to show in the local 3 pack at the top of the results. This makes it super valuable because you can get your business listed at the top of the results for very little work.
  • Our suggestion: We frequently suggest that businesses put most of their effort into their GBP. The returns on a free product can literally make a business. Regularly add fresh photos, make sure your opening hours reflect any seasonal changes, and get & engage with reviews. The good, the bad, and the ugly - they all deserve a response.

NAP Consistency - No, Not a Quick Snooze!

  • What it is: NAP's just a fancy abbreviation for Name, Address, and Phone number. It's the basic contact info your business has splashed across various online directories and websites.
  • Why it's important: Consistency helps people (and search engines) trust that they're getting the right info.
  • Our suggestion: Do a quick audit of where your business is listed online. If you find any inconsistencies in the NAP, straighten them out.

Local Keyword Optimization - Talk the Local Lingo

  • What it is: This is about peppering your website's content with words and phrases that folks in your area might punch into Google when they're looking for services or products you offer.
  • Why it's important: You want to show up when locals are searching, right? Well, using the right keywords is like sending up a flare, signaling you're right there, ready to help.
  • Our suggestion: Don't just spam a bunch of local terms everywhere. Instead, think about how people talk and what they might search for. Then, weave those terms into your content naturally.

Schema Markup - Like Highlighting the Important Stuff for Google

LocalBusiness schema code example

  • What it is: It's a bit of code that goes on your site. It's like telling Google, "Hey, this bit here? It's super important."
  • Why it's important: Google's smart, but sometimes it needs a nudge to understand what's what. Schema helps it get the gist of your site better.
  • Our suggestion: You don't need to be a tech whiz to use schema. There are plenty of tools out there. Focus on the "LocalBusiness" and "Organization" types, as they give Google the local info it craves.
  • What it is: It's about getting other local websites to link to yours.
  • Why it's important: It's like a vote of confidence. The more local sites that link to you, the more Google thinks, "Hmm, this place must be legit."
  • Our suggestion: Start with local directories. Then, maybe reach out to local bloggers or news sites. Collaborate, sponsor a local event, or just share your expertise. Anything to get noticed and linked to.

Local Blog Post Creation - Sharing Stories with the Locals

  • What it is: Regular blog posts on your site that talk about local events, news, or anything that resonates with the local crowd.
  • Why it's important: It helps establish you as a local authority, someone who's in the know and cares about the community.
  • Our suggestion: Aim for 1-4 posts a month. Talk about things people care about, and they'll keep coming back for more.

Interlinking Strategy - Guiding Visitors Through Your Digital Home

  • What it is: It's about creating links between different pages on your site. So, if someone's reading a blog post, they can easily hop over to your services page or a related article.
  • Why it's important: It's like giving your visitors a guided tour of your site, making sure they see all the highlights.
  • Our suggestion: Whenever you create new content, think about what else on your site is related. Then, create links. Especially link your high-value pages, like services or location-specific ones.

Local Landing Pages - Your Digital Welcome Mats

  • What it is: These are special pages on your site tailored for folks in specific areas you serve.
  • Why it's important: It's like having different entrances to a mall, each one designed for folks coming from a different part of town. Helps locals feel right at home.
  • Our suggestion: Don't just copy-paste with a change in location name – that's a no-no. Make each page unique in design and content. If done right, they're super effective in drawing in local traffic.

Review Management - Handling Compliments and Gripes

  • What it is: Actively keeping an eye on the reviews your business gets online.
  • Why it's important: Reviews are today's word-of-mouth. A ton of positive reviews can drive business, while negative ones, if not addressed, can steer folks away.
  • Our suggestion: Focus mostly on Google reviews since they're the big player. Encourage your happy customers to leave some love, and if someone's a bit miffed, address their concerns publicly. It shows you care.

Local SEO Audit & Reporting - Keeping Score and Upping Your Game

  • What it is: Regularly checking how well your local SEO efforts are working.
  • Why it's important: It's like a health check-up but for your online presence. You get to see what's working, what's not, and where to pump up the effort.
  • Our suggestion: Don't fly blind. Use data to guide your strategies. Look at things like how many folks are visiting, how you rank for certain terms, and other key performance indicators. Then tweak and refine.