Social media is a powerful and creative tool that is able to connect you to millions of people. Businesses take advantage of it in multiple ways, such as providing a way for them to communicate with consumers that may have questions or concerns about their products. They can engage or share experiences through photos and videos. Social media provides businesses with an online presence to create a relationship with their customers.

Various businesses understand how to use social media, but one stepping stone to accomplish first is to be able to connect your social media to your website. Social media is wonderful to manage, but having a website for everyone to go to is just as important and vise versa. A consumer would want to know how personable and engaging you are when they visit your website. Leading them to your social media platforms from your website is the best way to do so.

But one thing that can push your debut event above your expectations is the ability to promote not only the event, but yourself as the featured artist. It’s one thing to provide a location and a goal in mind to your audience and community, but how are they supposed to care about what you’re presenting to them if they have no idea who you are? Many competent creatives use social media to promote not just their content, but also give their community a visual of who they are, and what separates them from anyone else in their field.

Make your social media buttons obvious

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One of the easiest ways to make your social media known on your website, is by making your buttons more obvious on your website. A lot of websites usually include their social media links at the bottom or top of the page, but it’s fine to have them at both locations. It makes a consumer not have to scroll all the way to the top to access them.

Put Instagram photos in your blog posts

Implementing social media posts, like pictures or videos from Instagram, are great to use on your website. It’s always good to not use stock photos found online, so using your own pictures makes your website more unique to who you are. Linking your media from your website to your social media accounts makes it easier for customers to navigate. This is a great way to get you a larger following on those accounts, and a good indicator for engagement and traffic on your website.

Use Share Buttons

This may not seem like much and can be often overlooked, but including share buttons under each of your posts are essential to have. It’s a quick click for many consumers to share your work onto their own social media accounts. For example, if you release an article about a new product, having that share button will make it more convenient for people to provide context to their own article posts about it. Using it for your media like videos are great just incase it blows up and gets viral on.

Google Analytics

This one sounds a little bit more complicated, but it’s a very common tool used to track how well your website is doing. Google Analytics requires you to include their code into their website, which sounds like a lot, but it’s nothing more than simply copying and pasting it into it. By doing so, you can analyze which posts are generating the traffic and ones that aren’t. By analyzing that information, you can adjust your posts so that they are catered to the specific audience that you are looking for.

Images and Graphics

High quality and unique images are a must have for any well designed website. You don’t need to have a dedicated photographer taking pictures of any and everything for you. But at the same time, you don’t want to use a picture that’s from a -11 megapixel camera that makes everything look like it’s pixelated and blocky from Minecraft.