Among the many ways your e-commerce website is essential to growing your business and bringing in new customers, there is one that you are likely overlooking. One of the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tools available to you is blogging. Blog posts can boost your site traffic, build brand loyalty, and generate new leads, unlike any other website function.

But, wait! I just got my store set up, and I’ve finally mastered all my other online tools. Now, I have to write a blog, too?!?!? If you want to grow your business, the answer is a definite “YES!” Here’s why.

Your Customers Are Looking for Answers. You Have Them.

Every person who goes online to search is looking for an answer. They need to solve a problem or accomplish a task, and they look to content to help them. Your blog could deliver the answer they need, which can help build confidence in you and what you are selling.

When a searcher finds the answer to their question on your blog, they are much more likely to trust you and to purchase something from you. When someone sees your business because of your blog, they become a lead, someone you could potentially sell to now or later. And when your content is good and keeps them engaged on your site, that conversion becomes even likelier.

Start thinking about the kinds of questions you can answer with your products or services. Make those answers the topics of your next few blogs.

Your Blog Builds Trust in You and Your Brand

The reason your blog is important is that it gives people a reason to return to your website. It establishes your story, your credibility. Blogs create loyalty over time while also helping to raise your brand awareness. Both of these are good things when it comes to marketing.

One of the answers your blog can give to potential customers is why you are the right choice for them. Why should they listen to you, buy from you?

Blogs Increase Traffic to Your Site

It’s true. Few other marketing strategies increase site traffic with the same impact as blogging does. Blogs generate more pages on your site, which are then indexed by search engines. The more pages you have indexed, the higher your chances of showing up in the results of a potential customers Google search. Simple idea, right?

When you take the time to create blogs using the right keywords, you are leaving breadcrumbs that can lead potential customers right to your internet door. And the more engaging and helpful your content, the more likely readers are to become leads and sales, once they find you.

Your Blog Tells Your Story

If you want to connect with customers and make them loyal fans of what you do, your blog can help. The medium of a blog, which includes text, images, and even videos, is perfect for sharing the narrative of who you are and what you do. Unlike other forms of social media, which are limited by space and focus, blogs are like a blank canvas that you can fill with the tale of your brand.

People respond emotionally to stories. They like information and appreciate specs and recommendations, but those don’t pull at their heart-strings the way a good story can. And a well-written blog can do both, which can keep people returning to your business for years to come.

Tell the story of your founding or how you came up with your first product. Share an anecdote about what inspires you as a small business owner. Describe how your products are made. Bring your business to life through your blog.

Your Blog Connects Your Business to Other Experts

Besides your own perspectives, your blog is an excellent place to build your credibility within your industry or community. Guest bloggers can offer new and different views on current issues in your industry. You can share others’ expertise to help inform your customers, too.

Blogs can be used to share industry trends, the latest developments, and information on upcoming shifts that may affect your consumer base. It can be hard to digest everything online these days, and if you have readers who look to you for guidance, that increases your street cred immensely!

Blogs are A Smart Investment

Most small business owners also care a whole lot about how much everything is going to cost. This is probably the number one reason why you should invest in blogging. It’s smart money! Not only do blogs increase the number of visitors to your site, but they also continue to return on your investment well into the future.

Unlike a marketing campaign with a specific shelf life, blogs live on your site until you take them down. They can continue to generate new leads and potential sales as long as they are on your site. Well-written blogs have the capacity to grow in readership over many weeks or even months, which means you’ll reap the rewards of your blog investment well into the future.

Ready to Start Blogging?

If you are convinced (FINALLY!) that it’s time for your e-commerce site to have a blog, that’s great! But, where should you start? Here are some additional ideas to get your blog started today:

  • Share the story of where your products come from. Pick one and follow it from source to customer.
  • Give a tutorial on how to use one of your products or the best way to get the most from one of your services.
  • Write about something fun and interesting you recently read online. It doesn’t have to be just about your products. Let customers get to know your interests and how these inform your business.
  • Give advice to customers on how to select the best product for them, being sure to include other products besides your own.
  • Talk about events you are planning or in which you will be partici[ating in your local community.
  • Highlight the excellent work of one of your employees. Show you care about your staff and value their contributions.
  • Most of all, have fun with your blog. The more you enjoy writing it, the more people will enjoy reading it.