If there is one misstep your business can make that customers will catch on to right away, it’s having a website that isn’t keeping up with modern design and functionality standards. We’ve all been there; you open up your browser to check out a link sent to you by a friend, and suddenly you find yourself looking at a blocky site with hard-to-read hyperlinks and out-of-place animations or images. Even internet users who don’t keep up with the technical aspects of web design and development best practices can identify an outdated site right away, and such sites do not inspire trust or motivation.

Keeping up with the times online is important, and evolving your website over time should be seen as one of the most important investments your company will make. After all, the amount of consumers buying products online, through both PC and mobile, is rapidly increasing each year. Statistically, your site is only going to see more and more visitors as time goes on.

With that fact in mind, here are a few simple changes you can build into your website to bring its style into 2018.