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We have small side projects that sometimes become useful - try them out for yourself!

Shop Local v0.1
Does Amazon really need more money? Shop at local 215 businesses instead!

This holiday season, we want people to really keep shopping local in mind. To that end, we created a Chrome extension for ourselves, that we’re now releasing to you, that will recommend local options based on the items that you’re looking for on Amazon. If there are no local options available for you - please send us some local ideas of where you’d shop locally for that item! Are you a local business that would like to be added?? Let us know! We’ll be starting off with a small set of recommendations that we hope to grow over time. Overall, we hope this subtle reminder will help everyone remain mindful about the role that small businesses play in our community. Support them!

Install Instructions

How To Install

  1. Download and unzip the files
  2. Go to chrome://extensions (it's also in your menu in More Tools > Extensions)
  3. Activate the developer mode on the top right of the page
  4. Click load unpacked
  5. Navigate to the unzipped folder and continue