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Whether you're a counselor, therapist, or other mental health professional, we can help you get the website that speaks to your clients or potential clients. Our web design company specializes in websites for service providers and have a lot of experience in building websites that focus on portraying you as safe and trustworthy. With the world being what it is, we make websites that are simple and easy to use.

Our counselor and therapist website design clients know that they can trust our expert advice based on reviews and years of experience. No matter the size, we can help you reach your business goals with an amazing website. See what some of our clients are saying:

"...a fantastic group of devoted web designers and overall digital planners. They understand the ins and outs of creating, designing, and managing websites, and approach it from a comprehensive standpoint."


"They're smart strategists and big creative thinkers. Most importantly, they helped us articulate our brand story and translated that story into a beautifully executed website that showcases our company."


"They completely understood my vision and elevated it! The experience was collaborative so my voice was able to come through on my website and the finished product is professional and unique!"

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Counselor and Therapist web design services

Here's a taste of what we can do for you!


A website for a counselor or therapist is generally highly customized to meet the personality of the person. It requires a lot of time and effort to make that happen, which might be the last thing you'd want to do. Our process of building a website can work into your schedule so you can get the website you want.

Web Strategy

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when starting a therapy practice and that's no different for making a website. We want to help your reach your goals and we can do that with your website by having a solid plan from the beginning.


SEO is actually a great marketing route for counselors and therapists. Potential patients being able to find you easily on search engines so you can help the most amount of people is the eventual goal. Through quality content and outreach, you could dominate your search areas.

Website Training

We make sure you know how to use the most important parts of your website after we hand it off to you. We'll train you on the most used parts so you can take ownership. Also, if it's something simple - we have no problem taking care of it for you.


Alot goes into a website and there's a lot to know and remember. We can take that on for you and make sure everything keeps running how it's supposed to. You're already busy enough - delegate that to someone else so you and your team can keep moving.

Site Upkeep

Like management, this focuses more on the software updates and upgrades. Things change so fast with tech that a website can get outdated quickly. This opens you up to all sorts of problems. We can help keep things up to date with security, scanning, and updates.

Web Development

We're developers who are passionate about the web and help our knowledge to help counselors and therapists get the website they want. We've been doing this a long time and know what makes a great website.

E-commerce sites

You probably won't need ecommerce functionality, but if you decide you want to sell something we can help you with that.


To streamline things and keep it simple, we build most of our websites on Wordpress. You get the access to our knowledge but also a global network of developers who've made Wordpress better.

Your Counselor and Therapist website design Agency

Every counselor and therapist has different needs for a website - so your specific goals may be different than someone else. We can make you a website that will match those goals so that the website can work for you and with you. After making tons of website, we've gotten pretty good at designing objectives based websites. We can make you practice something that truly fits your personality - and we make it as easy and simple as possible. (PS. we're 100% USA based)

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With how fast things change on the web, we are always learning about and implementing new things that help you succeed online. Our websites come with updated standards and best practices so that your website can help you reach your goals.

Whether you are just starting or have already done it for years, we can help you create a beautiful, user-friendly, and well-ranking website for you.

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