Steffey Hatoway Insurance
One of the largest family-owned insurance agencies

    The Goal

    Steffey Insurance, headquartered in Indiana, searched all over the Midwest for a fitting group to redesign their old, aching website. Recently opening their first office in Philadelphia – they decided to search for a firm here, and that’s when a new family connection happened. From our 1st meeting with the Steffeys, which we all ate very well at, we both knew a lasting relationship was in the works!

    The Solution

    After understanding the ins and outs of what they wanted in a new website, along with Steffey, we came up with a precise plan for their perfect site. One that included a conversational image slider, clear call-to-actions, newsletter sign-up, and much more. They were most impressed with our ability to take their tons of page, and riddle them down to the most important, which also making it super simple for users to navigate. Need some insurance? We know some good folks!