Soom Foods

A Local Tradition with Fully Featured Ecommerce

If you couldn’t tell by our website, we love food – so working with Soom wasn’t only fun, but absolutely delicious. If you’re not a tahini fan, we highly suggest trying their product. Which you can now securely purchase online, anytime!

Full Redesign & Strategy

We get a lot done when we’re not eating

A well functioning e-commerce store doesn’t just magically happen. After bootstrapping from no-where to Point A on their own, Soom came to us for the technical setup of their shop and a refresh to the overall style of their website.

E-Commerce Shit

Where you can buy their tahini.

We don’t need to bore you with the specifics, but we enabled Soom to accept payments, set shipping addresses, and all of that good stuff within WordPress – giving them the ability to easily update their website and store over time without constantly needing nerdy developers.

Soom Soom

Remember those old Mazda commercials with that kid whispering “zoom zoom” The ongoing, soft spoken “Soom Soom” was such a hit around the office as we were working on their website haha. We guess you had to be there…. anyway, their website turned out great and they are selling more product than ever. Check it out!