SJK Wealth Management

We treat our clients, just like they treat theirs

Just like buying a website, deciding who to trust with planning your finances can be a challenge. With SJK, we resonated with their ability to have a human conversation about their services, and how they relied upon their skill to best help their clients.

Not Velma, but that's ok

Still a very cute and personable office dog

If anything holds true, folks with a cool dog always turn out being awesome clients. If you’re reading this and don’t have a dog, that’s ok – just make sure to give Velmz some love when swinging by our office.

Awesome Website, Awesomer People

More awesome, more awesome – we know..

One of the biggest strengths of SJK is the ability of their amazing staff to connect with their customers. After being around for a number of calls, and hearing all of the great things their clients (super young and mad old) say about them – it was easy to design a simple yet elegant website that reflected the vibe they put out everyday.

SJK All Day

Working with Scott, Chris, Lindsey, and Frankie was such a pleasure. By allowing us to “do our thing” with their design – we were able to efficiently recommend to their team what types of images and colors would work well, and by providing them the right tools and content homework, we quickly built their website. They also gave us some great financial advice and are now our trusted advisors in the world of wealth management. Highly recommended.