Saginaw Day Camp

The Goal

Saginaw Day Camp is a fun-packed summer day camp that hated their old site and wanted something colorful, fun, informative, and easy to navigate. The website had high-quality images, however, these images were positioned in a floppy manner. The texts and icons on the site were not properly scaled to allow for easy reading and scanning. The owners of the site wanted to fix these issues so they contacted us.

The Solution

We restructured the site and made it look appealing while still having a fun look. We also selected cool fonts for the texts on the web pages and ensured that the font style, as well as the font size, were easy for users to read. The images on the site were realigned and scaled properly. While restructuring the images, we ensured that the site still had a colorful, fun vibe. This made it easy for users to recognize what the site stood for, even at a glance.

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