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The Goal

Faith & Shannon, experienced acupuncturists, were ready to dive into ecommerce, creating products for women going through menopause. They needed a site that showcased who they are, highlighted their experience, and offered clear descriptions of their products and their benefits. Plus, they wanted a promotional banner at the top of the site to entice visitors with a quick discount.

The Solution

We got to work, crafting a site for Faith & Shannon that combined their acupuncture expertise with their new ecommerce venture. We showcased their personalities, experience, and the products they've developed for women going through menopause. We made sure to include clear descriptions, so visitors know exactly what they're getting and the benefits of each product. As the cherry on top, we added a promotional banner at the top of the site, offering a quick discount to anyone in the market for these products. The result? A site that beautifully merges their acupuncture practice with their new ecommerce venture, giving visitors an easy, enjoyable shopping experience. Faith & Shannon are thrilled, and we're pretty proud too!

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