So Fresh, So Clean

The ladies over at Piperwai are amazing entrepreneurs. With a recently successful IndieGoGo campaign under their belts, they came to us for a website that looked as natural as their deodorant. You may be thinking it.. and yes – we all currently use their natural deodorant. (It’s awesome!)

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Based on their unique needs and growing business, we got Piperwai hooked up on Shopify. It’s allowed to them grow by leaps and bounds, on a foundation that scales with their business.

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Humble Beginnings
When We First Met

Jess was coming over to our office and filling sample jars of her homemade recipe with a cake decorating bag. She was a hustler, and we all loved her from the get-go. If you need some technology help to get your product over the edge as well, we’d love to meet you too.

Now, They’re Everywhere

It’s amazing to see how her company has grown over the years. From strangers at The Bellevue using Piperwai, to seeing it grace the aisles at Whole Foods - it’s a pleasure to be the trusted advisors on how they mindfully utilize their website.

Fancy @$$ Numbers

We made sure everything was in place to handle the massive influx of visitors to their website – including hosting, shipping, payment processing, and email captures. From the night it aired on Shark Tank to 48 hours later, this is what the website was easily able to handle:

161,670 Unique Visitors
25,552 Peak Concurrent Users
14% Conversion Rate