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The Goal

FOOOOOOOD :) David, a fan of our local restaurant websites, wanted us to work our magic on his site too. The goal was to create a site that offered a quick shopping experience with easy access to online ordering, while also showcasing a mouthwatering gallery of dishes and giving visitors a chance to learn more about the culture behind the scrumptious food.

The Solution

We put on our chef's hats and cooked up a drool-worthy site for David! Right on the homepage, we added buttons for super-speedy online ordering, perfect for folks who want a quick shopping experience. But wait, there's more! If you venture further, you'll find an amazing gallery of all the delicious dishes On Charcoal has to offer. It's impossible not to get hungry just looking at it! And for those wanting to learn more about the culture, we created the Explore Columbia page, offering a taste of the culture that inspires these incredible dishes. The result? A delightful, easy-to-navigate site that's as satisfying as the food it showcases. ¬°Buen provecho!

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