Leena D. Saini
Cookbook Author

The Goal

After releasing her 1st ever cookbook, Leena searched for a “cool” agency to make her vision come to fruition. This being her 1st ever site, she knew she needed a bit of hand-holding, but also wanted our own creative juices to flow on this project.

The Solution

Leena sent us a signed copy of her book, Around The World In 80 Purees, which really helped us to understand get a further feel what her style. In turn, we designed a clean, sleek layout with tidbits of cooking elements throughout the site. Visitors can learn about Leena, some of her recipes, and most importantly – easily buy her new book! Being located in NJ, this was a long-distance project but with close communication and a clear plan, came together very well. Make sure to pick-up a copy, via her site.