Intersectionality Training Institute

The Goal

The Intersectionality Training Institute is driven by a profound purpose: to inspire and empower individuals and institutions dedicated to advancing health equity and social justice. They sought a website that reflects this mission, showcasing their commitment to education, collaboration, and advocacy in bridging the health equity gap through the lens of intersectionality.

The Solution

We developed a website that stands as a beacon of hope and action in the fight for health equity and social justice. The homepage greets visitors with the Institute's purpose, mission, vision, and values, clearly articulating their role as critical theorists, collaborative learners, advocates, and dismantlers in the realm of health equity. We highlighted their educational training programs and workshops, designed to equip researchers and practitioners with the tools needed to apply intersectionality effectively in their work. The site features testimonials from past participants and case studies that demonstrate the tangible impact of their programs. Additionally, we incorporated resources and publications for visitors to delve deeper into the principles of intersectionality. The website not only serves as a platform for learning and engagement but also fosters a community of like-minded individuals and institutions committed to making a difference. Through this digital space, the Intersectionality Training Institute advances its vision of closing the health equity gap, one educational program at a time.

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