Herspiegel Consulting

The Goal

Herspiegel consulting is a pharmaceutical consulting firm. We worked very closely with their team to design a nice and informative site. One of their main needs was a blog system that would allow them to write about varieties of topics. Each of the blogs was to have a different look. Their site/blog at that time was too wordy and had a poor interface overall. Rather than looking like a website, it looked more like an online textbook.

The Solution

Modern website design requires fewer words and captivating visuals. That was exactly what we helped Herspiegel Consulting achieve. We improved the site from a boring one full of bulky texts to an appealing site with captivating visual elements and shorter texts. While doing this, we also ensured that all vital information was retained. The typography of the site was also improved from a single dull format to a dynamic format that suited the site.

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