Heinz Law

The Goal

Lisa hit us up after logging into her family's law firm website and realizing it was in drastic need of an update. Previously it wasn't mobile friendly, had no images, and wasn't as descriptive as it should have been about the services they provided. After seeing our work with other law firms in the city, she and her dad Eric hit us up to redesign theirs as well.

The Solution

After one meeting and a few emails, we quickly worked with their existing content and some new photos to create a website that more accurately reflected their firm. Modern, current, and convenient for their Center City clients, HeinzLaw's new website has allowed them to confidently hand out business cards without the worry that people may go check out their 10+ year old website. After using their support hours for training, Lisa has been doing a great job of regularly changing and adding content on her own as well! Good s#!* Lisa!

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