The Goal

They loved what we did for www.aegispg.com, a company that they work with. So, Eventus hit us up and gave us full control to revamp their website. They just provided images, and we knocked it out of the park. When we assessed the former web page, we noticed that it appeared ancient and was choked up with too many words. It also lacked liveliness and couldn't grab the attention of visitors.

The Solution

We decided to simplify the site’s pages and create more whitespace. This made the web pages look more presentable. We also added a little bit of liveliness to the site. We did this by upgrading the projects section of the page and making it responsive. At the same time, captivating images were used in every section of the site that needed imagery. At the moment, the site provides enough details to users without overloading them with excessive information.

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