Ember and Ash

The Goal

Our clients run a restaurant which was meant to be launched some time last year but was postponed because of the pandemic. However, they have been able to successfully launch the restaurant ever since things calmed down a little. They had a boring website with a lot of flaws. They really wanted to fix these issues because they were affecting sales so they contacted us and we cooked up a flawless solution for them.

The Solution

Since there are a thousand and one restaurants out there, they needed to stand out in some way. One way we helped them to stand out was by showcasing the story behind the recipes and food components. We emphasized the uniqueness of their store with the aid of captivating visuals on the site. Also, we removed the excessive white space they had on the previous site and made the new site more tantalizing for visitors. As a result, Ember and Ash restaurant is now getting rave reviews from customers!

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