Day Law

The Goal

Attorney Corey owns - a website that tells you all about Corey and the areas of law he practices. Corey contacted us because he needed an online presence that truly represents him and what he stands for. His previous website could easily be mistaken for a religious website, and it was not easy to navigate. We took on the project and gave Corey nothing short of his expectations.

The Solution

We gave Corey a TRUE representation in the online space. We ensured that every user recognizes the website as a law firm the moment they set their eyes on it. With a simple but elegant interface, we were able to market Day Law to all the website visitors without boring them. We build content around Corey’s experience to build clients' trust in him. His old website was missing basic things like a contact form so we hooked him up with something nice that anyone searching for his services could fill out.

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