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Design, Development

Content Management System


The Goal

Coscia Moos, a fantastic architecture firm in Philly, had a site built on Apostrophe CMS, a difficult-to-manage system causing problems. Our goal was to maintain the design they loved, but migrate the site to WordPress and redesign the backend, making it super easy for the Coscia Moos team to add new projects and make updates without breaking a sweat.

The Solution

We took on the challenge, preserving the design Coscia Moos already liked while transitioning the site to WordPress. Our focus was on revamping the backend, ensuring it was a breeze for the team to make any necessary updates, from adding new projects to tweaking existing content. The result? A site that looks just as great as before but is now powered by a user-friendly backend that makes managing the site a piece of cake for the Coscia Moos team. No more wrestling with a clunky system – they can now add projects and make edits effortlessly, and they couldn't be happier! And we're proud to have helped make their lives just a little bit easier.

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