Akiba Emanuel




Design, Development

Content Management System


The Goal

Lynn really liked what we did for Josias Figueiredo, so she sought our help to make a website to catalog her father’s amazing art. After the family cataloged all of the pieces they could find, they shared a detailed list of over 80 pieces of art with us. We wanted to build the perfect site to “house” all of his work, so they could have a digital portfolio they could share forever.

The Solution

Since the art catalog was rooted in ancient history, we created something that resonated with history and perfectly amplified Akiba Emmanuel’s passion. We also made the catalog organized and easy for viewers to peruse. In addition to that, we ensured that the website lacked any element that would distract the site visitors from appreciating art and history. Lynn loved what we created for her and is so excited to grow it even more!

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