The Goal

Our buddies at 2SPizza came back for more! They needed a super easy-to-navigate, fun, and colorful website for their new pizza joint. They wanted a simple way to keep their menu updated, so their customers would always know what's cooking. Having built their brewery site before, we were stoked to help them out with this new project.

The Solution

We whipped up a snazzy, user-friendly website that hit all the right notes for 2SPizza. Our team cooked up an eye-catching layout that made it a breeze for visitors to find what they needed. To make those menu updates as easy as pie, we used Wordpress so that they could tweak the menu anytime they wanted. Our experience working with their brewery site made it a piece of cake to create a website that was totally in sync with their brand and vision. The result? Another satisfied customer, and a website that's as tasty as their pizza!

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