Wicked Cool Toys

    Wicked cool people.

    We have a lot of fun around our office, but this crew of pranksters takes the cake! While we continue to do serious work for them, the majority of our relationship with Wicked is full of creative ideas, fun photo shoots, and eating the delicious baked goods in their kitchen. Shhhhh..

    Good Humor, Good Business

    You gotta love working with people who are just as laid back, but equally serious about what they do for a living. After our first meeting with Wicked, we immediately knew we wanted to work with them. They not only listened to our straight forward advice about migrating them away from a bloated Magento platform, but also used some hilarious footage around the website we designed for them. Go check it out!

    WCT For Short

    If you’re reading this far into their portfolio page, awesome! You should probably go check out their website to see the attention to detail we put into their website. They have full access and regularly update things on their own, so if you see anything that’s broken, it wasn’t us ; )