Felicia Ricci

    Professional Voice Finder

    Right? We thought the same thing when she first hit us up – “Professional Voice Finder”, what the hell is that? But after a quick conversation we learned about the amazing training she offers to singers worldwide, and quickly set about to help better share her quirky personality online.

    We connected with Felicia out of the gate. Between detailed email exchanges, in-office meetings and hilariously fun Google Hangouts – we planned out her website’s layout, content, and strategy. She now communicates with her 150k+ subscribers in a new way, with a keen focus on analytics and optimization.

    A New Friend

    During our website delivery meeting out in Wayne, Pa – we promised not to just keep in touch about business, but to hit each other up for dinner and more drinks soon. These are the exact types of relationships we love to build with our clients! (Hey Fel! More bar hopping out your way again next week?)