Bucks County Website Design

Hello, from Philly! We love making websites for businesses in Bucks County - we're so close!
Our office is in Philadelphia, but we're experienced with and enjoy working remotely with clients.

Because of the rapid growth within and around Philadelphia, we've had a lot of requests for information from growing businesses in Bucks County. We may not be located just around the corner, however, we know what people need in their websites. Working remotely is no issue thanks to emails and phone calls. When we design websites, we tailor it to the client's needs and budget. We make sure that the website leaves a memorable mark on prospective clients. You know your business better than we do; nevertheless, we'll create a website that clearly states your objectives and gets more people interested in your business. As soon as we get the call to action, we work round the clock so you can focus on what you do best.

What's the process?

If you are only a few miles away, we're happy to come and have a sit-down to mull over the details in a one-on-one meeting. Like many of our clients, you may be outside our travel area, so we'll get things done through a series of emails, phone calls, video sessions, and some documents that will guide you the whole way. You are always free to give us a call or send an email for any inquiries or anything that you may need help with.

Our Process
We use Wordpress as our CMS

WordPress is the engine behind many websites, capable of creating modest blogs to fully featured e-commerce stores. Our clients have also found it quite easy to make and edit parts of their websites without much hassle. If a 60+ year-old can use it without a hitch, so can you! For clients who don't want to get hands-on with the technical stuff, we also handle websites for many clients as well.

“I can not say enough about the job the 215 guys did for me and my company, Mother Compost. From my initial outreach, to the consultation on price, to the idea meeting, mock-up and final product, they made this process exciting and enjoyable.”

GwenMother Compost

The 215 Guys has a 4.9 Star Rating on Google out of 46 Reviews
Mobile Responsive Design so you'll look great on all devices.

A good website works on the many designs of smart devices and computers, not just focusing on the aesthetics of it. Recently, Google wanted to create a system that ranks websites depending on their responsiveness. Therefore, we make sure that everyone enjoys using your website on desktop, tablet, and phones, while still looking the best.

Content Management

We use WordPress since it also doubles as a Content Management System. It will let you give life to your website, molding it the way you want to. We’ll just be a phone call or email away in case of anything, and we’ll also make sure you are able to edit your website the way you want to. You’ll be in total control: at any time you can change images, phone numbers, store hours or written text.

In-House Team

Nothing to worry about like a language barrier or time zone differences - just expect our Philly accent because all of our developers are homegrown. We’re not like other agencies who rely on an outsourced workforce from who-knows-where in the world.

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